International Conference on Business Management 2010 in Hawaii

The JASMA, BMSJ, ABA and JCSA, in cooperation with JAIMS (Japan-America Institute of Management Science), is sponsoring the International Conference on Business Management in Honolulu, Hawaii, at August 30, 2010. Expansion of international business and management exchange requires us to expand our scope, encourage academic knowledge exchange, and increase our relationships among academic societies and organizations.
The ICBM2010 provides an excellent opportunity for the academic and business communities to share cutting-edge research in all areas of Business, Finance, Accounting, Management and related fields. We invite colleagues throughout the world to present new findings and insights, discuss current issues, and strengthen personal networks.

Conference Co-Chairs
@ Takeo Tachikawa (ABA, Yokohama College of Commerce)
@ Blair M. T. Odo, Ph.D (JAIMS, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer)


Registration fee is 35,000yen. Fees includes attendance at the conference sessions and exhibits, proceedings(CD-ROM), conference lunch, refreshment breaks, and banquet.

Attendee from Japan have a tour package.

Policy on Cancellation
We will refund the participation fee after the reduction of refund cost for processing of cancellation if the cancellation is done by end of June of the Japan Standard Time.

Recommendation tour

Departure from Japan (Narita or Kansai Airport) 29 August evening
Arrival to Honolulu, Hawaii 29 August morning
Conference, Banquet 30 August
Company visit 31 August
Departure to Japan 1 or 2 September morning
Arrival to Japan (Narita or Kansai Airport) 2 or 3 September noon

Call for Papers

Unpublished research papers in the areas of International Cultural Study and Business Administration Study, including immediate studies are invited.
The format instruction for papers to be submitted to us

  1. The papers should be submitted electronically. If you have complex tables, diagrams, or symbols in the paper, please submit a PDF file together with a Microsoft Word file to us for proofreading purposes.
  2. Manuscripts must be prepared using Microsoft Word version 2000 or later.
  3. The paper size should be A4 (i.e. 21.0 centimeters [8.27 inches] by 29.69 centimeters [11.69 inches]).
  4. The margins should be: top and bottom 2.54 centimeters (1.00 inches), right and left 3.17 centimeters (1.25 inches).
  5. Papers should not exceed 10 pages.
  6. Type the title in bold type, all caps, single-spaced, and centered across the top of the first page, in 14 point Times New Roman.
  7. The author(s), affiliation(s), mailing address(es), and e-mail address(es) should be single spaced and centered on the line below the title, in 12 point italicized Times New Roman. One line space should be used to separate author(s) from the paper title. Please do not use titles such as Dr., Professor, etc.
  8. Headings should be in bold type, in 12 point Times New Roman. First-level headings should be centered and set in caps. Second-level headings should be flush left with initial caps. Do not use headings other than these two types. At least one line space should separate headings from the preceding text.
  9. Introduce the paper with an ABSTRACT of approximately 100-200 words, in 12 point Times New Roman.
  10. Begin with the centered heading ABSTRACT.
  11. 3 to 5 Keywords shall be typed in 12 point Times New Roman just one line spaced under the last line of ABSTRACT. Keywords should begin flush left just after Keyword with one spaced. Each keyword has to be separated by comma.
  12. All body paragraphs should begin flush left (no paragraph indent) and right justified. Single-space the body of the paper. Use 12 point Times New Roman throughout. Figures and tables should be placed as close as possible to where they are cited. First-level headings state the table or figure number. All tables and images should be embedded into the file and sized appropriately. All photographs should be sampled at 300 dpi (dots per inch). Photographs must be properly sized and positioned in the body of the paper.


Deadline to submit application indicating interest in presenting: 28th February 2010

Deadline to submit full-text of paper: 31th March 2010

Deadline by which invited presenters will be invited to present: 30th April 2010

Deadline by which camera-ready copy of paper is to be submitted: 30th May 2010

Registration of participants: 20th July 2010